Saturday, March 1, 2014

Still Getting Started

As expected, it is taking me some time to get going on this blog. A year plus of  challenges and changes, busy with lots of projects, and this one has had to wait. I've been active on Twitter, touching on themes I'm excited to begin exploring here in longer form. Meanwhile, I'm struggling with the Blogger interface, don't especially like the design of this site so far, and have no idea what (if anything) "{meta}discourses * web" (the Google Site associated with this blog) will end up looking like. The idea has been to recreate some version of my old "<meta>discourses" website (which I need to take down very soon, so it may be gone by the time your read this), but that site is not just badly neglected but totally obsolete and may not be worth recreating in any form. Another source of confusion is that I have two Google profiles, one associated with my gmail account and the other, newer one associated with my account. This blog is with gmail, my new home page is with, and I have two Google+ homes. How to coordinate my two Google selves and avoid confusion is driving me batty at the moment. Funny result is that I have been getting emails from Google asking "Do you know Robert Craig?" Well, yes and no! Suggestions welcome.